CoinEx Charity Empowers Children’s Education: 20,000+ Kids Benefit from HDF Report

•CoinEx Charity has been funding children in poor areas since 2022, helping over 20,000 kids to go back to school.
•The Human Development Foundation (HDF) recently released a report thanking CoinEx Charity for its donations which have been used to purchase school uniforms, shoes, books and other essential items.
•The funds provided by CoinEx Charity have enabled the children living at the Mercy Centre to break the cycle of poverty and gain access to better education opportunities.

CoinEx Charity Empowers Children’s Education Through Charitable Giving

CoinEx Charity Funds Over 20,000 Children

Since last year, CoinEx Charity has been working hard to help children in poor areas get back into school and continue their education. To date, more than 20,000 children have benefited from the charity’s generous donations.

Human Development Foundation Releases Report on Impact of Donations

Recently, CoinEx received a report from HDF – a charitable organization based in Thailand – expressing gratitude for its support. The funds provided by CoinEx were used to purchase school uniforms, shoes and other essential items for the students living at the Mercy Centre. This assistance has enabled them to break free from poverty and gain access to better education opportunities.

Mercy Centre Preparing Kids For A Brighter Future

This February marks the end of academic studies for this year’s batch of students at the Mercy Centre; they will soon graduate or move up to a higher grade level. HDF noted that despite all odds, each child is learning and thriving with love and warmth courtesy of CoinEx’s generous donations which also covered daily teaching supplies for all students at the centre.

CoinEx & HDF Working Together To Improve Lives Of Children In Need

By providing protection, care and appropriate education for these vulnerable kids through scholarships funded by CoinEx charity HDF is preparing them for a future full of opportunity and hope. Both organizations are dedicated towards creating a brighter future for these children who might not otherwise have had access to quality education without such support systems in place.


Overall this report paints an encouraging picture; it’s clear that both HDF and CoinEx are committed towards making sure these kids don’t miss out on important educational opportunities due to their financial situation or backgrounds.